Bluetooth Printer (Micro ATM)

Bringing banks and financial institutions closer to the people while establishing a widespread public banking infrastructure that makes financial services accessible to the unbanked.

PROWESS® is a Micro-ATM that is integrated with advanced technology and designed to support all aspects of financial inclusion initiatives. It provides access to wireless Aadhaar Enabled BioMetric Integrated with thermal Printer, ensuring that users have all the necessary tools for financial services.

PROWESS can be seamlessly connected to smart devices like mobile phones and tablets, making it an ideal solution for those seeking a Micro-ATM for financial services.

The product is made in India and is known for its durability and ruggedness. It also offers optional features such as a SmartCard Reader for contact and contactless transactions, and can be used for a variety of services including AEPS, e-KYC, cash deposits, and cash withdrawals.

With PROWESS, users can enjoy multiple benefits from one integrated device.

Accelerate Business

Identification | Authentication | Authorization

Omnificent Bluetooth printer is lightweight, durable, and can withstand rugged conditions. It has the ability to print multilingual inputs and can seamlessly connect with any platform, including Android, iOS, and Windows. The printer also supports the Universal ESC sequence protocol, making it easy to integrate with other devices. With fast printing speeds of up to 75mm/s, this printer is a highly efficient and produc􀆟ve tool for businesses. An optional protective case is available for added convenience.

Compatible with all Android & IOS Devices

Connection Range Up to 10 Meters

60-80 Meter Printing in single charge

Bluetooth & Mini USB Connectivity

Application of Prowess Printer

Utility Payments

Agency banking/Branchless Banking

Non-Banking Financial Corporations


Identity Management



Parking Solutions

OTPL Prowess

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