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Amaze is a 2-inch Bluetooth printer that connects to PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones through Bluetooth, USB and serial interfaces. Amaze is ideal for producing receipts on the go for a variety of use cases ranging from Banking solu􀆟ons, field automa􀆟ons to provide confirma􀆟on of transac􀆟on comple􀆟on across various transac􀆟on types.


  • Lightweight and withstands rugged conditons
  • Optional protecting case
  • Seamlessly connects with any of the platform be it Android, iOS or Windows
  • Fast printing reaching upto 70mm/s
  • Easy to integrate as it supports Universal ESC sequence protocol
  • Capable of printing in Multilingual

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Omnificent Bluetooth printer is lightweight, durable, and can withstand rugged conditions. It has the ability to print multilingual inputs and can seamlessly connect with any platform, including Android, iOS, and Windows. The printer also supports the Universal ESC sequence protocol, making it easy to integrate with other devices. With fast prin􀆟ng speeds of up to 75mm/s, this printer is a highly efficient and productive tool for businesses. An optional protective case is available for added convenience.

Compatible withall Android & IOS Divices

Connection Range Up to 10 Meters

60-80 Meter Printing in single charge

Bluetooth & Mini USB Connectivity

Application of Amaze Printer


Retail Payments

Taxi metering

Cash on delivery services

Loan collection

Transit and Toll Collection

Utility Bill Payments

Sales force Automation

OTPL Amaze

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